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Niccolo Porcella

” We can truly do anything if we have belief. “
Niccolo Porcella spent his childwood between the Hawaiian island of Maui, where he was born, and Sardinia island.

During his career he has contributed to the improvement of Kite, both wakeboarding and surfing strapless styles. On the 4th of January 2012 Niccolo rode the largest wave in history at Peahi, Jaws, in the most gnarly of conditions. Niccolo’s popularity soon began to skyrocket not only in the US but also in Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.
Being passionate for cliff-diving and martial arts, Niccolo is a natural when it comes extreme sport.

Skydiving is a new passion for Niccolo and takes him travelling around the world on the production of the reality show “Lift Off”.
In April 2016 Niccolo won the “WSL Wipe Out of the Year Award” and was nominated for the “WSL XXL Biggest Wave Award” in Peahi, Hawaii.
Niccolo’s life is full of passion and he shares positive energy everywhere he goes. Inspiring people is what he really wants from life.

Renzo Mancini

” Keep on flying! “
Renzo was one of the first kite surfers in Italy. He started in 1999 and the following year he became the 10th instructor for the Italian Kitesurf Association. In 2001 he took part into the Italian Championship for the first time and in 2002 he saw his first of many achievement, reaching a very impressive 5th position.

In the same year he tried a new form of Kite, surfing on the snow, and was integral in the introduction of SnowKite in Italy.

In 2003 he was asked to work as a tester for the famous Kite brand Wipika International, developing the best Kite models on the market.

In 2014 he founded EXKITE, the fashion street-wear brand inspired by kite. He brought together two of his great passions, fashion and kitesurf.

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